Member Spotlight- Sara Foran

Sitting in the Elevate commons area and fighting back tears, Sara tells of one particular experience working as a server at Buffalo Wild Wings in Mattoon. When first arriving at her table, a woman and her young son, Sara greets the two with her usual, “Hello, Welcome to Buffalo Wild Wings my name is Sara”, after which the woman reaches up, grabs Sara’s arm, and begins crying.

Sara Foran, Owner of Upcoming 'SF Consulting 101'

Sara Foran, Owner of Upcoming SF Consulting


Sara returns to the table and is touched by the woman’s explanation, “We just left the hospital today and my son was cured of cancer and you are the first person we have seen outside of the hospital in a very long time.” The customer then goes on to thank Sara for her bubbly personality and for bringing so much joy to their day. “That is why I do what I do today”, says Sara looking back on the experience.


Sara Foran has been in the restaurant & hospitality industry since her first job at the age of 16. Through the years, Sara has contributed to several local restaurants in roles including server, bartending, and management.


After working for restaurant owners for years, Sara has decided it is time for her to venture out on her own and begin consulting for the hospitality industry. With the assistance of Elevates’ 6-Step program, Sara is on the path towards registering her organization ‘SF Consulting. This organization will be working towards a mission of providing comprehensive hospitality training to exceed each and every customers expectations in order to make sales and have fun doing it.


‘SF Consulting’ will offer coaching for restaurant owners in any and every way imaginable. Often, these services include a hospitality seminar, one on one conversations with employees, and overall consulting of the business focusing on managing a culture of energy, love, and care in the workplace.


As a lifelong resident of Coles County, Sara has made many connections with local business owners and is looking forward to providing support for those looking to take their restaurant’s hospitality to a whole new level. “I just want to take my years of experience and put it out there”, says Sara before adding, “I guarantee you will not forget me when I leave your restaurant.” Going further, Sara makes it clear that she is even willing to travel outside of the state of Illinois in the pursuit of increasing sales and exceeding customer expectations.


Those interested in recruiting Sara for their restaurant should contact Sara via her email:


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