Elevate CCIC Membership Plans

MembershipFullTechMailboxStudent Nonmember
Cost/ Month$95$50$40 $35 $10/Day
Amenities FullTechMailboxStudentNon-Member
Call Booths
$15 per event $15 per event
Gear Locker $30 per locker/mo $30 per locker/mo $30 per locker/mo$30 per locker/mo
Mailbox (1)
24/7 Accessworking hours only 8am-11:30pm
working hours only
Monthly Print-BW
250pay extra pay extra pay extra pay extra
Conference Rooms(2)(2*) see belowsee belowsee belowsee belowsee below
Drop in table space
Office Space Rental (*3)
Individual membership rates (1 person)

*(1) PO Mailboxes will be limited based on availability.

*(2)Conference rooms are available for Full Membership members twice (2) a month for free. After which Full members receive half off rental rate.

*(2*) Large Conference Room Rental based on availability and is $250/full day (8hr) or $150/half day (4hr).
50 B&W copies are permitted per 4 hours rented

*(2*)Small Conference Room Rental based on availability and is $200/full day (8 hr) or $120/half day (4 hr).
50 B&W copies are permitted for per 4 hrs rented

(*3) Rental for office space is available for full members-
Rental for private office space for one whole day(8 am-5 pm) is $45 and for half a day (8 am-12 pm) at $30.

No more than 3 people per organization can utilize the below office rental rate. Please contact the Executive Director of Elevate CCIC, Inc. if your company has more than 3 people.

Small Office rate $150 a month

Large Office rate $250 a month

***All prices and amenities subject to change.