Member Spotlight- Taneya Higginbotham, Project Manager of ‘The RealiTea ProjecT’ Finds Her Voice

“Hello everyone, I’m Taneya Higginbotham and welcome to the RealiTea ProjecT, where our mission is to discuss racial injustice and racial inequity, to stimulate righteous actions and transform communities.” Taneya’s conversational piece highlighting her and her guests experience, is now available on Facebook @TheRealiTeaProjecT.

Taneya is one of the newest members at Elevate in Mattoon, Il. With a non-profit business background, Taneya is finding her voice on ‘The RealiTea ProjecT.’ Inspired by personal experience and knowing others have experienced obstacles similar to hers, Taneya decided it was time to take a stand and begin her video series. 

Taneya Higginbotham, Project Manager and Host of 'The RealiTea ProjecT'

As described by Taneya, ‘The RealiTea Project’ “is looking to stimulate positive conversation amongst community members relating to racism and racial injustice in Coles County.” 

When asked about obstacles she has faced, Taneya says personally she has experienced microaggressions in the workplace and other pressure related to being a woman of color. 

As the Project Manager of ‘The RealiTea ProjecT’, Taneya’s first guest have been Ed Dowd of The Mattoon Chamber of Commerce and Terrance Taylor of Tat., Inc. View these conversations by visiting ‘The RealiTea ProjecT on Facebook.’ ‘The RealiTea Project’ strives to enable all people in Coles County to inspire change in the workplace and beyond by stimulating conversations and inspiring others. 

‘The RealiTea ProjecT’ is consistently looking for new guest to visit the show and share their perspectives. Individuals interested in joining ‘The RealiTea ProjecT’ project may do so by contacting Taneya by phone at 217-508-6031, email:, or by writing a letter to PO Box 253 Toledo, Illinois. 

The team at Elevate recognizes and encourages the need for conversations like the ones Taneya is having to occur. We strive to continue working towards providing a space and community equipped to create a more equitable future for people of every race and background.

As always, follow Elevate on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more updates on who is using our center and what events the team is hosting!

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