“I’m stoked for Notre Dame 3D Printers”- Alex Houser, Recipient of University of Notre Dame IDEA Center paid internship opportunity made possible by McHughs Restaurants

Elevate would like to recognize high school graduates Alex Houser and Rick Wright who have been awarded the 2021 Makers Space Internship Opportunity. The pair say they are thrilled to partake in the Notre Dame IDEA Center Internship Program.


This program, made possible by McHughs Restaurants, “will provide an exciting opportunity to train young innovators and entrepreneurs that will contribute to the burgeoning Coles County innovation ecosystem, and ultimately help create new Central Illinois businesses”, says IDEA Center Innovation Lab Executive Director and Mattoon Local, Matt Levy.


IDEA Center Opportunity Recipients Alex and Rick

Alex Houser and Rick Wright (left to right) are Excited to visit Notre Dame IDEA Center

While at the ‘IDEA Center’, Alex and Rick will further develop skills relative to manufacturing in a factory setting. When asked what they anticipate the experience to be like, Rick suggested they will be tasked with lots of hands-on work with solid works and laser cutters.


As friends from the age of 5, the two have long been interested in technology and even worked together to build a functioning cannon with a three-dimensional printer. While participating in the ClassE high school entrepreneurship program, Rick developed networking skills which he says have made him, “more outgoing and prepared for this experience.”


Alex and Rick would like to thank the teachers who have helped them develop the skills that prepared them for this opportunity.


Curious about joining the local tech community? Schedule a tour of the center at http://bit.ly/Tour217