Coles County Software Development Agency Interested In Local Clients

‘Row & Table’ Director Ryan Hayden; Row & Table Website coming soon

‘Row & Table’ Software Development Agency has grown leaps and bounds over the past year. Director Ryan Hayden says the company has went from generating $50,000 in profits in 2019 to $50,000 a month in 2020.

Mr. Hayden sees himself as the only person doing his type of work in the area. He has assisted in creating apps for The YMCA plus websites for Sound Source Music and Burger King. While most of Row & Table’s work comes from California and St. Louis, Ryan says he would love to find a large local company to work with on a sizable project. Row & Table specializes in web-based applications as well as those native to Mac, Windows, IOS and Android.

When asked about working at Elevate, Ryan says, “Having a place other than my house lends legitimacy to my business.” The space allows him a place to bring in clients and a conference room to hold day long meetings.

The process of developing a major application is typically kept under four months. In this time, Ryan and his team meet with a client and collaborate to organize their ideas. After this, Row & Table work to best implement the goals set by their client.

While going to college to become a Pastor, Ryan became interested in website development. At first a hobby, developing software grew into something more serious four years ago when he met his business partner.  Exponentially growing, he moved to overseeing employees and landed a few big projects for Row & Table. Due to his interest in both fields, Mr. Hayden’s favorite project was creating, a ‘Google Drive’ type of software designed to write sermons.

Outside of his professional life, Ryan enjoys spending time with his three (soon to be four) kids coaching their YMCA swim team or being involved in their Tae Kwan-Do.

Ryan can be reached Here on LinkedIn

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