Elevate offers limited scholarships to our community via our program partners. 

We are proud to support anyone who has had a dream of starting their own businesses or starting their entrepreneurial journey. We have a number of scholarships available and are always looking for program partners to support our area through our different scholarships opportunities.

Elevate Lake Land College Initiative Scholarship

The Elevate Lake Land College Initiative is a partnership between Lake Land College and Elevate which aims to support individuals with tuition waivers for a 27 credit hour business development certificate.


The goal of this certificate is to better prepare entrepreneurs to understand what it takes to sustain and grow a business, while gaining a business certificate to an accredited institution.

This is a savings of $1,843.50 for the student.


They not only get access to the tuition waiver but also access to our mentors, our space and community of entrepreneurial individuals. Our scholarship will provide two high school individuals who are in need of an opportunity to continue their business and who have a dream to obtain or go to a college institution. 

Because the amount of $1,843.50 is too costly for some in our area, this simple scholarship will allow two individuals an opportunity to grow and develop their business and themselves 

Number of Full Scholarships: 2

Number of Tuition Waivers: 15 total (5 for ClassE Students)

Application Due: April 30th, 2021

Requires Lake Land College Enrollment

Elevate CCIC, Inc. Scholarship Fund

Elevate scholarship fund will support up to ten yearly membership dues from individuals who decide to go through our six-step program. Scholarships will be based on a person’s income, their business model canvas, and the individual’s ability to reach monthly goals. 

The goal of Elevate is to create new businesses in the region with the belief that all have the potential to start and develop an entrepreneurial mind set which will help them grow out of poverty and secure their economic futures. 

We believe anyone can understand and develop their new business venture within a three or four-month period. Opportunities for this unique scholarship is based on a rolling basis.

Number of Full Scholarships: 10

Application Due: April 30th, 2021

Elevate CCIC, Inc. LISC Rural Scholarship Program

Elevate is committed to the development of Entrepreneurs in our area. Through our Elevate LISC scholarship program we aim to provide area business and entrepreneurs five Entrepreneurial Self-Starter Packages.


Each Self-Starter package is worth $350 and includes three months of full Elevate membership.

It also includes three consultations with business professionals and access to our Entrepreneurship 101 & 102 Courses via Accenture. Our aim to bring individuals up to speed quickly to see if they have a viable business idea or concept.

Number of Full Scholarships: 5

Application Due: April 30th, 2021