Elevate is grateful for every donor and friend of our center. Your help is solidifying us as a top resource available to our rural community. If you are a donor we ask that you confirm your name or logo for our investors wall. Please email the director if you have not already done so at

We are proud of the support that the community has shown and are working hard towards making Elevate a hub of Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Please RSVP to our Breakfast.

Our Goal is to keep the event at or blow 50 people which is the current CDC recommended maximum number of people for an indoor event.

A look at what our Investors wall will look like is here. If you would like to be apart of our community of supporters please contact the Executive Director Today.

Example of our Investors wall. Dimensions are not finalized.*

Elevate could not have been possible without the support of the community. We invite you to add your name to our wall.